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Adult Pamper Party

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Gather 4-6 of your girl or guy friends (ages 18 & up) for a wonderful, relaxing time together either in your home or in a safe & functional location. Reap the benefits of massage and have one of the most talked about party! 
Enjoy your Perks. Pick your date. Invite some friends!  
All Spa parties includes 4-6 guest receiving: 
20 minute Relaxation massage
 Therapeutic Paraffin Hand Wax Treatment 
Exfoliating Foot Scrub w/Hot Towel Wrap
Natural Nail Express Manicure w/2 Nail designs
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Passion Party Consultant 
~Detailed description of add-on services are as follows~
Therapeutic Paraffin Hand Treatment Softer hands, improve circulation, rejuvenate skin coloring , and ease joint stiffness. How does this work? Your hands are submerged into a warm wax bath until the form takes on the look like a glove. Then the hands are placed in toweling mitts while you relax. It's during this relaxation stage that your muscles really begin to release tension that you may be holding AND the skin on the hands will feel silky, smooth and soft. You will notice a revitalized color and deep relaxation!
Exfoliating Foot Scrub w/Hot Towel Wrap The herbs encourage, assist, and enhance the body's own natural processes and improve it's physiological functioning. Includes a mild exfoliating treatment that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
Express Manicures This basic manicure includes a hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, buffing, a relaxing hand massage with warm cream and polish of your choice.  Buffing to a natural gloss is available if you do not desire polish. 
Passion Party Consultant provides you with extensive sexual health and intimacy information. When she takes the stage, the learning and laughter begin! Your trained Consultant will guide you and your guests through the best of her items which includes beauty and bedroom accessories. Worried about guests who may be a bit shy? Don’t be! The Consultant is professional, educational, and entertaining, and all ordering is done confidentially.
4 women .................. $200
 6 women .................  $275 

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